Check your local TV listings to watch Bernie on HGTV's (Home and Garden Television's) "Over Your Head". That's right, besides being a talented singer and performer Bernie is a skilled craftsman. On this very funny show, Bernie is the guy who helps hapless home owners right the wrong that they've done. You won't see him on every episode but it's worth finding out when he's on and watching!

Here is an ever growing list of television shows and motion pictures that have used original songs composed and recorded by Bernie and his writing partners.

ABC Television, "Brothers and Sisters"
DreamWorks SKG, "Norbit"
Lifetime Television, "Honeymoon with Mom"
Sony Pictures, "Friends With Money"
ABC Television, "Men in Trees"
20th Century Fox, “Anywhere But Here”
HBO’s, Sex and the City episode “Turtle and Hare”
USA Television, "Missing"
WB / Adult Swim, "Baby Blues"
UPN, Seven Days episode “Sleepers”
Sony Pictures, “Urban Legend”
Lifetime movie, "Love and Treason"
Showtime, “The Westing Game”
FAME L.A. episode “Love Hurts”
Black Swan Productions “Too Tired To Die”
Independent film “Sugar Town”
NBC, “Third Watch”
The WB, “Felicity”
TNT, “A Slight Case of Murder”
CBS TV, J.A.G., episode “Fathers Day”
VH-1, “Vinyl Justice”
ABC, "Port Charles"
Academy Award winning short film, “John”
NBC TV, “Another World”
Jerry Springer’s, “The Ringmaster”
Sundance film festival, “All the Rage”
USA TV, "Veronica Mars"
Ringling Brothers Circus (TV Commercial), singing “When You’re Smilin"
ABC Television, "All My Children"
CBS Television, "The Agency"

March 3, 2008: MySpace
Now visit and see pictures, and other MySpace sorts of things about Bernie Meisinger.

February 9, 2007: "Norbit" The soundtrack from the Eddie Murphy movie "Norbit" features Bernie singing a song written for him by song writer Tim Feehan.

August 18, 2006: "Accepted"
Bernie stars in the movie "Accepted"!
Well, maybe not stars but at least he's in one scene where he plays, of all things, a bandleader.

October, 2003: A&E TV, "Makeover Mamas"
Bernie is cast as the "construction expert" on this home improvement show which aired on A&E Television until 2005.

November 1, 2000: Album release, "LIVE at the Beverly Hills Hotel"The Bernie Meisnger Band records a live show at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It was critiqued in the "L.A. Jazz Scene" as "a great example of how live jazz should sound". Currently out of print.

August, 2000: the Sears Tower, Chicago
Meisinger is hired to record "Chicago" for the Skydeck tour. While riding the elevator to the top of the Sears Tower you'll hear Bernie Meisinger. Listen closely, it at the very top of the tower when the elevator doors open. It's true Bernie has made it to the status of elevator music!

September 27, 1999: the Peninsula Beverly Hills
Come hear Bernie Meisinger sing in the Club Bar. Bernie sings while show biz luminaries relax in the splendid opulence of the highest rated hotel in Southern California. The list of rich and famous is so long, there's not enough room on the page. Imagine Magic Johnson at one end of the bar and Ted Kennedy at the other. This is common at the "Pen". Tony Bennett is a regular guest and Harry Connick Jr. has sat-in with Bernie and the band. It's quite a place and Bernie performed three nights a week for three years.

May 2, 1999: Album release, "You'll be the One"
Bernie Meisinger releases Jazz CD album with popular standards and a few original songs penned by himself and Charlie Gigliotti. Currently out of print.

April, 1998: "John"
The independent film "john", which features five of Bernie's songs, wins four Student Academy Awards, USA.

October 18, 1996: "Swingers"
OK this is a stretch but here goes. Way back when in 1994 Bernie started playing a weekly gig in a club in Hollywood called the Lava Lounge. Well, Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and the boys from the movie "Swingers" used to come out on Wednesday nights to hear Bernie's band play. They called it Sinatra night. Now, if you listen closely to one of the phone messages that Trent (Vaughn) leaves for Mike (Favreau) in the movie he says, "Hey Mike we're going to the Lava Lounge for Sinatra night", referring to Bernie. They would have shot the pivotal scene (where Mike meets the girl who will make him forget his old girlfriend) at the Lava Lounge but the club was too small, so they shot it at the Derby where "Royal Crown Revue" played. So there's some little known Hollywood trivia you can throw at one of those know it all friends of yours.

June 9, 1994: The Three Clubs
Bernie gets another weekly gig at the Three Clubs, a Hollywood hipster hangout. This is another long running engagement that lasts a few years. Thursdays at the club that doesn't even have a sign become legendary.

January 17, 1994: 5:00 AM
The Northridge earthquake. Bernie's first earthquake. He decides of all natural disasters he likes earthquakes the best. The reason?, nobody can predict them, there's no buildup and since they're unpredictable there aren't "Earthquake Reporters" on the news to get us all wound up.

January 12, 1994: Lava lounge
The Bernie Meisinger Band debuts at the Lava Lounge in Hollywood, California. They are asked to play every Wednesday, indefinitely, they play there for the next five years.

January 2, 1994
Bernie Meisinger moves to Los Angeles to further his singing career.

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