Watch TV or go to the movies and chances are you'll hear the captivating voice of Bernie Meisinger (pronounced MY-singer). Bernie has lent his considerable song writing skill and vocal talents to an ever-growing list of favorites. ABC's "Desperate Housewives", "Brothers and Sisiters" and HBO's "Sex and the City" have all used his original songs. He even made a cameo appearence in the hit movie "Accepted", in the summer of 2006.

In the Summer 2007 Dreamworks SKG hired Meisinger to sing a song for the hit movie "Norbit". In 1995, original numbers, including "Sweet Bossa" and "Tips", were chosen for the Academy Award-winning film "John", independently produced by J.B. Sugar and directed by Marni Banack. Meisinger's smooth baritone voice is heard on television and radio ads for Ringling Brothers' Circus as well. While playing at the "Lava Lounge" in Hollywood, Bernie became aquainted with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. If you listen closely, there is a reference to him in "Swingers", the classic motion picture, starring Vaughn and Favreau, depicting life in Hollywood for several struggling actors and writers.

How does it happen that a young man from Central Pennsylvania moves to Los Angeles with a few dollars to his name and becomes the touchstone for nostalgic jazz standards, garnering comparisons to Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett? Simply put, Bernie cites his "love and respect for the music, and determination to succeed in a fickle business". Meisinger celebrates the timeless classics of the great American songbook, singing the works of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, and others.

His youth was spent listening and learning from bebop performances by Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker. As a teenager, he met vibraphone virtuoso Lionel Hampton behind a concert hall where "Hamp" was about to play. They exchanged a few words and Bernie was asked to sing a verse of "Sunny Side of the Street". When he finished, Lionel said, "You have a Dick Haymes kind of style to your voice, real big!" A highly respected singer, Haymes replaced Frank Sinatra when he left the orchestras of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. At that moment, with youth and wild abandon for encouragement, Meisinger began plotting his own career as a singer. In the years that followed, he has shown himself to be a uniquely talented and dedicated entertainer and songwriter.

Television and movies aren't the only places to hear Bernie. Visit the observation decks of the Sears Tower in Chicago and you'll catch a recording of him singing the praises of the windy city in the song "Chicago".

For something complelely different, watch for Bernie on the HGTV home improvement show "Over your Head". Meisinger learned woodworking at an early age and has become an accomplished carpenter and craftsman. Parlaying this talent into a role as "Master Carpenter" on the #1 show.

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